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The rules of Jigsaw Sudoku
The rules of Jigsaw Sudoku are identical to the rules of normal Sudoku, except for one difference.
In a standard Sudoku, the grid is split up in to nine 3*3 squares where the numbers 1-9 have to be placed. In a Jigsaw Sudoku, these areas are random shapes as opposed to squares.
The areas will always contain nine cells, so that the same standard Sudoku rules can still apply.
We have several different patterns, some are only slightly different from the Standard Sudoku, whereas some like this one can be very different.
Jigsaw Sudoku puzzles require a more methodical approach to solving, you can still use the same solving techniques, but you will need to adapt them slightly. You will probably find you have more success at solving by using pencil marks - because of the different shaped regions it is harder to keep it all in your head.
A Jigsaw Sudoku will be harder than a standard Sudoku of the same difficulty grade, even though you are using all of the same techniques.