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Free Daily 1212 Giant Sudoku

Daily 1212 Giant Sudoku for Sunday 1st May 2016

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How to play

This page requires a modern browser with Javascript enabled. To play our Sudoku puzzles online, do the following
  • This page will automatically play our 1212 Giant Sudoku puzzle of the day. If you wish to play a 1212 Giant Sudoku from a different day, go to the archive page.
  • To enter a number/letter, click on a cell and type in the number/letter you want. Since our Giant Sudoku grids have more than 9 numbers, we also use A-C (12*12 grids), and A-F (16*16 grids).
  • To enter pencil marks, press Shift, Ctrl, or Alt as you enter the number/letter; Shift is usually the best to use as the other keys can do other things on your browser. To remove the pencil mark, repeat the process again!
  • Use the buttons on the right side to reset the grid, automatically generate and clear the pencil marks.